1. That airplanes can not take off when the temperature is higher than 48°C), because hot air is thinner than cold air.


  1. A light touch makes others feel friendly, trusting.


  1. From Facebook and developer community that people are afraid of being left out, this is the most often exploited weakness.
  2. that algorithms have extremely long lifetimes. that tools are for moment.
  3. that Spotify allows you to manage and play songs on different devices. And it’s a very awesome feature.


  1. Filezilla can use SSH key to access to server.
  2. No need to close tag li,p but you should, boolean attributes do not have a value: if the attribute is there, it’s true.
  3. Mắt Bão use COD for their domain/hosting services because of the poor quality of their payment partners.


  1. That contempt of others is the easiest way to be noble. I should not respect other people because of their contempt.
  2. Set is a new object type in ES6(ES2015) allow to create collections of unique values.
  3. from wordpress.com that do not force user to do something that not benefit them or they will leave you.
  4. In PHP, DateTime('first monday of 2017-02'). If the word ‘of’ missing, result will not correct.